About VIM


  • To provide learning facilities to men and women of exceptional caliber for pursuing careers in management or becoming teachers and researchers in different management fields.
  • To promote knowledge through research, applied and conceptual, relevant to management, and to disseminate such knowledge through publications.
  • To participate in and contribute to the formulation of public policy, which would provide answers to questions of social importance.
  • To enhance the decision-making skills and the administrative competence of practicing managers and assist organizations to solve their managerial problems by providing them with consulting services based on actual requirements.
  • To collaborate with other institutions in India and abroad with a view to further professionalizing management education and assisting in institution building, in a meaningful manner.


Our Vision

A globally respected institute that shapes management practices in India by creating new frontiers and developing ethical, dependable, entrepreneurial, and socially sensitive leader-managers committed to excellence.

VIM's mission is to help India and other developing countries improve their managerial practices both in the private and in the public sectors, and adopt superior public policies. It seeks to do this through producing risk-taking leader-managers who will pioneer new managerial practices and set new standards; through producing teachers and researchers who will generate new ideas of International significance; and through purposeful consulting aimed at helping client organizations scale new heights.


VIM  dreams made real

  • To create an atmosphere of a small residential management institution of academic excellence measured by faculty quality, academic output, quality of students, alumni achievement and satisfaction of all stakeholders backed up by appropriate infrastructure which help to create a conducive atmosphere for teaching, learning, research, development, training, reflection and contemplation.
  • To attract quality students in appropriate numbers and cater to their needs so that their potential can be fully developed. Students will be trained to a high level of self-confidence in their knowledge and ability ensuring highly ease of placement.
  • To develop programs in areas of community need such as vocational training for youth at affordable cost, orient the research & development activities to students.
  • To achieve balanced growth and robust financial self sustainability including adequate return on investment of financial institutions and other investors including, but not largely dependent on student fees.