Practical Training & Industry Visit

Practical training and industry visits are integral parts of the academic program at VIM. The percentage of curriculum time is spread in such a way that it blends theoretical learning with practical application of the subject. Every student is expected to make one industrial project every Semester in addition to an assignment. The last Semester of Postgraduate course is dedicated to industry interface with submission of Dissertation Report at the end of Semester.

It is expected that every student will register himself/herself for the foregoing practical training. Each student takes up a training at the end of every semester. The College authorities also organize industry visits. Each student deputed on practical training is required to prepare a project report and submit to the same to an assigned mentor/faculty. The faculty member evaluates the project report. An unsatisfactory performance may debar the students from the award of the qualification.

Industrial Tours

  1. In 2009-10, about 112 students of Management went on an industrial trip to Shimla to visit Oswal Industry & a few SMEs.
  2. In 2009-10, MBA students went on an industrial tour to Mandideep, to visit Anant Spinning Mills.
  3. In 2008-09, about 49 students of MBA went on an industrial trip to Shimla, Kullu, Manali to visit many industries.
  4. In 2006-07, final year students of VIM went on an industrial tour to Neemrana, Ahmedabad and Virawal to visit Parle, Vadilal, and Ambuja Cement.
  5. Industrial visits feature prominently on the agenda of VIM.
  6. Short trips and long excursions are organized to help students unwind and relax.

 Summer Training

The institute provides best training facility to its students. The Institute encourages students to undergo training in industrial organizations with stipend and specific projects.alt