Learning Methodologies

The institute provides an excellent academic environment with accent on self-learning. The teaching and learning methodologies follow a rigorous regime that involves intensive and extensive working on challenging academic assignments.The teaching is emphasized through student centered and discovery method of learning in place of the conventional teacher centered learning. Emphases is laid on independent study and self learning, problem solving and providing solutions on live problems, lectures and seminars by professionals from industry / research organizations.

Thus, teaching – learning methodology aims at developing self-reliance, initiative, and spirit of inquiry, learning by observation and discussion and developing life long learning skills. Exposure to state-of-the-art technology and professional and field experiences are brought to students through a large number of visiting faculties from the industry and mentoring exercises.

The system of assessment is credit based and employs continuous evaluation through tests, surprise quizzes, home assignments, laboratory work, industry projects, presentations etc.

Institute also enables students to inculcate high ethical standards, leadership qualities, capability to think in multidimensional ways and a broad understanding of the competitive business and technological environment.