Mess & Canteen

The VIM family including authorities, the faculty members and the students all dine together to have a feeling of belongingness.

The central dining hall, with a seating capacity of 100 diners is equipped with its own bakery and provides well-planned, varied, balanced and appetizing vegetarian food prepared in strict hygienic conditions. The day starts with serving of snacks and milk early in the morning and ends with serving nourishing milk before going to bed. We always seek perfection and are constantly on the vigil to detect and take care of even the slightest lacuna in the campus. Smooth functioning of the mess ensuring quality food preparation, appetizing varieties and mouth-watering aroma can only be realized by being there.

Not far behind from McDonalds, our Cafeteria achieves the students from the hectic schedule. Magnificent Cafeteria, reverberating by the lively music is a specialty of the Institute.

The student mess is as the name suggests, exclusive to the students. Guests of students, faculty and visitors may also eat here intermittently. Only Vegetarian meal plans are available on monthly basis. For shorter periods, coupons may be bought in advance or on the spot.

Offering three wholesome Indian meals and a high tea, the cuisine is an elective mix from across India.

Breakfast consists of continental as well as Indian foods. toast, cornflakes, fresh fruit, tea, coffee or malt flavoured milk. And hot Indian snacks like stuffed parathas, upma, etc.

The basic format of the mail meals [Lunch & Dinner] conform to the Indian staple: Chappatis/Parathas/Puris [flat, unleavened breads], 2 curries[green Vegetables, Pulses], 1 Subzi [dry green Vegetable] Dal & Rasam [Lentil soups of the North Indian and South Indian cuisines respectively], Dahi [plain Yogurt], Salad, Papad[fried Crispies], Pickles, Rice.

The desert for Lunch consists of fresh fruit. Whereas, desert for dinner, would be any Indian variety, ice-cream and occasionally, pastries/cake.

In deference to the needs of our global students, lightly spiced or bland food is also available at every meal in the same elaborate menu! Students may also post special requests on the Institute’s intranet thru ebabble on messnb. The mess secretary, a student representative, will help facilitate the same.

Meals are cooked using the freshest possible ingredients which take care, to a large extent, of the hygiene factor. The Student Affairs Officer coordinates with the mess contractor to ensure up-keep of the premise. Occasionally, the campus doctor and members of welfare committee visit and eat in the student mess. No leftover food, or food preserved in freezers over a period of time is served.

Meal timetable:

Breakfast: 8-9.30 am

Lunch: 12.30 – 2.00 pm

High Tea: 6 - 6.15 pm

Dinner: 7.30 – 9 pm