Web Committee

The Web Committee is the virtual face of VIM to the outside world. It acts as an interface between students, committees, faculty, corporate and alumni. It is responsible for keeping the brand name of VIM alive in the minds of the stakeholders.
The mission of the Web Committee is to innovate, develop and maintain the external and internal interface.
The Web Committee at VIM is responsible conceptualizing and maintaining the official institute website. The institute official website was revamped in 2006. The website contains information about the vision/mission of the institute, the various courses offered, the admission process, the student’s quality, activities and their achievements, the placement reports, the infrastructure information and a news flash section depicting the current happenings at the institute.
The Web Committee is responsible for the conceptualisation, development, deployment and maintenance of VIM Intranet ‘VBuzz’. The various features offered in VBuzz are an online discussion forum, blogs, central repository, newsletters, live feeds, platform to interact with the alumni, batch schedule and private messaging.
One of the most important and critical function of Web Committee is enabling placement process in coordination with the Placement Committee. It has performed a task with great efficiency and responsiveness to the ever challenging needs of the placement process.
The Committee continues its IT related activities by maintaining the official mail IDs of all the officers and committees. All official communication from the outside world to the other committees is passed through the Web Committee.
The maintenance of the Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi) Infrastructure in the institute is the responsibility of the Web Committee. It has developed a Wi-Fi Management Module to ensure proper maintenance of Wi-Fi infrastructure by future Web Committee.
The Committee is also responsible for the maintenance of the Computer Centre and the overall IT infrastructure of the institute. It also provides technical support to the faculty and the student fraternity at VIM.

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