Career Impact

Master of Business Administration (MBA Full Time 2 Year Programme) is the most prestigious long-duration program. Over the years, this program has produced a large number of industry captains, wealth creators, renowned entrepreneurs, top-rated management academicians and leaders spearheading social causes and working with the underprivileged and the needy. Footprints of the graduates of the Post Graduate Program not only span a wide range of business, industry and social sector, but also have made impact in the global arena. The program, through high-impact pedagogical methods, helps the participants to develop themselves into top-quality decision makers with analytical rigor, conceptual foundations and interpersonal and social skills, built on values of honesty, integrity and a sense of fairness. The participants learn to think through managerial issues and decisions in complex, less-structured situations in holistic and multi-disciplinary perspectives to generate and evaluate alternatives and arrive at innovative solutions. In-class discussions, group preparation and presentations, field research and project work prepare the participants to meet the challenges of the managerial profession. Different co-curricular and extra curricular activities organized by the participants themselves sharpen their organizing abilities, nurture their leadership qualities and polish their social skills. The MBA helps participants to transform themselves into leaders of organizations and change agents of society.