Recruitment Process

The on-campus recruiting program at VIM, noted for its focus on corporate customer service, provides a convenient way for you to interview our students for permanent employment and summer internships.

The process has been designed jointly by the faculty, recruiters and students over the years and tries to optimise the interests of all stakeholders in the placement process.

Different courses/programs of the institute have different (though overlapping) placement seasons.

For MBAs, the placement season commences in November with the summer internship placement and ends with the graduate placement in March. VIM follows a cohort based system of placements, where companies are invited to recruit in various slots depending on the preference of the students.

For Undergraduates, the placement season begins in December and completes by March end. Preplacement talks can start from the September -October timeframe. 

For the detailed training/placement calendar and co-ordinating your participation in placements, please write to the Training & Placement Officer